Infinite Nightmares is a horror game with a stuck in a loop theme. This game is about a little girl's nightmares. She is stuck in her own nightmares and trying to solve the mystery right until she discovers something horrible at the end...

Thank you for playing!!!


Use A,D to move left and right, space to jump, E to interact.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorsAlpasyon007, cakii23
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Horror, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 47, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLudum Dare


Windows Build - Final (Don't mind the DevBuild Watermark) 68 MB


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I loved the creepy atmosphere and the adorable, yet spooky art. Definite demonic undertones!

Fat rabbit can't stay still! C: Thanks for the spook <3

The style of the game was really fun, and it delivered on the creepy atmosphere. Your game was the last one I played in this video

I LOVE the style of this little game. Not a lot of puzzles, but for being made in such a short time it's really good. The art and audio are FANTASTIC and I'm super excited to play the full game when it's out!

Parece ser muito bom, tudo de bom aos desenvolvedores, pra fazer um jogo tão bonitinho precisa ser um artista!

(just by the screenshots and beginning because chrome died when I started)

This game is basically under the bed, mr hopps playhouse,  and evil demon parents/insane child combined. I love this game.

Cool game, kinda got glitched along the way, and the ending left me confused to say the least but enjoyed it a lot, keep the good work!

Really great game! I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I know this is pretty impressive for 72 hours! Hope everybody who worked on it got a decent amount of sleep after that haha

I just have one question - and it's something I haven't seen anybody ask about so it's probably just me being kind of stupid. What actually happens during that bit at the end? I can see two things (people maybe? They seemed to have legs but otherwise they weren't shaped like people, though it could have been cloth or something) hanging, and something opening underneath. I thought it was maybe a meat grinder or something like that? I just want to check. It's okay if you'd rather not say though, I get it if you don't want to spoil it if it's explained more in the full release. Thank you anyway, and again, good job!


good idea and concep but  controls are imprecise and slowest

Great atmosphere, can't wait for the full build of this I love the art style too I'm big into pixel graphics. It's the first game I played in this game line up if you wanna check it out! 

Infinite Nightmares is short, but has some decent atmosphere going for it. While I feel the shadows are a tad too dark at times, the art itself is still pretty good, giving lots of character to the spooky environment. Especially the suspiciously innocent bunny toy. The twist ending felt a little out of nowhere, but I feel with a little extension for plot, this could be something for the masses and memers. 

Good job, devs.

I liked it it has potential to be a really good game, it's just a little short atm but it's a game jam, it's gonna be rushed to get it out on time. Thats just how it goes, but from what is here I can see a bright future. I know after more is added to the story and it is more fleshed out it will be great, cant wait till then!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out the vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. The ambiance was good! I loved sound design - all the noises and running footsteps and the music!

2. The idea is pretty good - several layers of nighmare when it's unclear whether we are in the reality or not. It's not new but the realisation was pretty orignial nonetheless.


1. There were almost no scares. The one in the bathroom was bugged and a bit weird that the player could repeat it infinite amount of times.

2. The game overall was too short - 1 puzzle, 1 spook and a plottwist at the end. Maybe it would be cooler to add more interactable stuff to involve players more?


I'd rate the game 4/5. It was a pretty good experiecne but could be way better. I think a bit more spooks or puzzles here and there and the game would turn out to be great!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thank you for going the extra mile leaving a comment and also recording a video! The feedback is great and always appreciated. Really like your comments. This was a ludum dare game jam submission so we did not have enough time to add more puzzles, spooks plottwist etc. The same thing with the bathroom scare. However we are going to be publishing this game in a full release so please do watch out for that and thank you again for the video and the great feedback!


im so confused and have no idea what im supposed to do, all i can do is walk back and fourth through the house and see the papers twice at the book and then by the fire, ive jumped and tried going up the stairs what am i supposed to do??

The papers by the fire are supposed to be a puzzle, I do understand how it is confusing. Sadly we did not have enough time to design it better as this was a game jam submission


thats what i was thinking and tried using my mouse and jumping or typing words but nothing happened


You should be able to drag and drop each letter into the papers shown. If not I am so sorry for the issue, I could go ahead and fix any bugs but if you really want to play it but I don't think its worth the effort right now tbh. We are going for a full release of the title so I'd say look out for that and thank you for actually trying it out and going to the effort of commenting

lol ofc! im looking forward to the full release


lol i ran into a something in a mirror and it just made multiple fnaf animatronic noises at once

e quede como wtf al final  (buen juego) :D


This was pretty darn cool! Great buildup of a creepy atmosphere. I feel like this could be expanded into a very interesting mystery based horror game with the setup this game provides! Great job! 


Thank you very much for the comment, feedback and the great video! Enjoyed watching it greatly. I hope you'll play the full featured release of the game as we have decided to go for it!


I'm impressed by the ambience in this game. I'm a sucker for pixel-esque horror games to begin with, but I think this game had some of the best ambience I've ever seen in an indie game. I'm looking forward to what you all do with more games in the future as this was pretty great~! Nice work! 

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Thank you very much for the nice commet and the video, throughly enjoyed watching it with all the animations and the edits Thank you for the great feedback as well! We hope that you play the full version as well! Also thank you for mentioning the made in 72 hours part which a lot of people seem to have missed! This was a submission to the ludum dare game jam if you want learn more about that.


Anytime! Happy to hear you enjoyed my video. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for the full thing, would love to see more of this. And yeah I definitely think a lot of people forget about game jams factoring into these and expect so much. It's always impressive how much indie devs can do in such short amounts of time. Is there a place I can check out more for that game jam specifically? Would love seeing more about it!

Yes of course, would be the website link for the jam. There are a lot more and lot better games out there some which were even made in 48 hours instead of 72! Have fun playing through them!


Overall I thought this game was a super creepy experience that also bordered on adorable!

Things I liked: 

-The ambiance was really good, definitely a super spooky vibe.

-Everything is really well animated.

- The sound design was AMAZING.

- The backing track was perfect.

- I can't tell if it's a big bow or cat ears on the main character but either way, super adorable.

- I like the PT style of game where subtle things change each walkthrough. 

Things that could be improved:

- I really wish there was a back story for this game as I feel like it would make it more memorable since the rest of the game is so well done.

- The text "The door is locked" flashes 3 times, not sure if that's intentional.

- The mirror ghost activates every time you pass by it which makes it hilarious.

- When you go outside, the character model has glitchy black spots.

- The stair case monster thing was kind of sudden and didn't have a sounds effect so it mostly made me go "?" instead of be scared.

- I feel like the "E" should be in white text because when it gets really dark it's difficult to see what you can activate and what you can't.

- The moon doesn't have any glow around it like the candles/lights do, so it just looked like a big white umbrella to me at first. 

- The end was well animated, but I feel like there was no lead up or no back story to make me identify with the plight of the main character.

Thank you very much for playing the game and this amazing comment filled with feedback! We are aware of most of these but for this being a ludum dare submission we did not have time to change things before the deadline. However we are planning on pursuing this to a bigger and better game. I hope you look out for that!


Cute fear is coming
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Thank you very much for playing the game and for recording it really appreciate it!


Hello, I played this game and it was a very short and sweet little game, I liked the environment and the sound effects were also nice, good work :) 

Thank you very much for playing the game and for the feedback really appreciate it!




Infinite Nightmares feels like it’s only the beginning of something bigger. The game has plenty of atmosphere; the audio is a notable highlight. Both the music and effects make this brief adventure the spooky experience it is. There are some small interaction issues; the keys aren’t as responsive as they could be, and I found no use for the game’s jump button. But again, it lends to my feeling that this version of Infinite Nightmares is just one small piece to a larger puzzle.

Thank you very much for playing the game, I really enjoyed watching the playthrough! This was a game developed for the ludum dare game jam and was made in 72 hours so we did not have the time to polish the game but our team has decided to pursue this game to a full finished release so we do hope that you will play it when it comes out, thank you!


good game   Congratulations


I really liked the music, sound effects and scenarios also animations looks nice, i think  it acomplish the scary factor , if I have to make a comment  it would be  aboutthe jump mechanic i wasnt sure where to use it or if it was 100%  necessary. Besides that I really enjoy playing it, thanks!!!

Thank you very much for playing the game and for the feedback really appreciate it!


Where are your parents little girl? Find them... or someone else will find you! Trying to stay positive the entire time but maybe they are having a ketchup party and those things... are just bags of ketchup sauce... lol

Thank you for playing our game and also recording your playthrough. Throughly enjoyed watching it! Hope you play the improved version as well!

Oh definitely! Need to find out what happens to the little girl ;   ;

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good creepy
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Thank you for the comment and the video! I enjoyed watching the gameplay!


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

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Thank you for the comment and the video! I enjoyed watching the gameplay!


Thank you :D 

We have decided to push this game to full release so please do watch out for it!

thank you i'm really excited for it 


What an amazing game! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really game my the chill factor. I can’t wait to see what else comes along from you in the future. Brilliant sound, visuals and storyline... it had me captivated! 

Thank you for the amazing video and feedback, throughly enjoyed watching it and listening to feedback. We hope to improve the game and we would love to have you play the improved game!